Buying A Home In New York

How Does It Work?



Contact the Real Estate Rebate Team and an agent will guide you through the process step by step.

Browse and search properties in New York at your own convenience, including new developments.


Book and attend open houses at your leisure and reference your Real Estate Rebate Team Broker as your agent for each property that you visit.

Once you find your perfect New York home, the Real Estate Rebate Team will help you make an offer and negotiate your price on your behalf.


Upon closing on your new home, the Real Estate Rebate Team will refund you up to half of your buyer agent’s commission.

Note: Each property and closing is different and the total rebate amount will be calculated and confirmed prior to closing.

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Real Estate Rebate Team Buyers Receive:


What We Offer

Save up to 2.5% with us

Real Estate Rebate TeamTraditional Broker
Commission Rebateup to 2.5%0%
Full Service & Experienced Agents
Negotiate Offers
Assist in Valuations
Refer Specialist

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Our clients have received significant commission rebates.

Joanna B.
He worked very hard on my behalf, performing open house every Sunday, and providing me with regular feedback. He was successful in completing a sale in only two and a half months, at a very difficult time in the market, at what I believe to be a good price.

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