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Rental rebate calculator NYC

NYC Rental Rebate Calculator

Maximize your savings on apartment rentals in NYC with our Rental Rebate Calculator. The Real Estate Rebate Team offers you an opportunity to save thousands on your broker’s commission by providing a rebate directly to you. Whether you're exploring options in NYC or CT, our full-service brokerage, affiliated with the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), ensures you receive top-notch support throughout your apartment search and secure significant savings in the process.

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You could save as much as: $1,800 by using The Real Estate Rebate Team as your Agent

Rental Rebate Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your questions answered about how the Real Estate Rebate Team can help you save on your next rental in NYC.

Why Use a Rebate Calculator in NYC?

There's a catch: In NYC, agents must earn a minimum commission before offering rebates, which isn't tied to the rent price but is a pre-agreed amount. Therefore, a rebate calculator is essential for understanding potential savings.