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Increase Your Buyers’ Pool by Offering a New Incentive to Buyers

Sell your home with an experienced broker

Sell your home with the Real Estate Rebate Team and get expert advice on how to price your home accurately to get the best offers. Discover the tools to market your home effectively to the right buyers, get offers and we’ll negotiate on your behalf all the way to the closing table. We are ready to partner with you to support your real estate goals and curate a plan just for you.

We work to understand your needs

Together we provide advice and guidance to build a strategic plan to get you the best price. With in-depth market analysis, we help you decide on when is the perfect time to sell your home for the highest market value. You are in control as we guide you through every step of the way, arming you with industry knowledge so that you can make informed decisions.

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We support you with necessary tools

We provide comparative market analysis giving you better insights and equip you with the right tools to price the value of your home. We help prepare you with a strategic targeted marketing plan to attract the right buyers and maximize your property’s exposure.

We get you your price at the closing table

We field offers and negotiate on your behalf to get you the price you want. Once you agree on a price, we support you through the closing process until you receive the final check in your hand.

Sell Your Home and Reap The Benefits

Real Estate Rebate TeamTraditional Broker
Commission Rebateβœ“βœ—
Full Service Experienced Agentsβœ“βœ“
Professional Photos and Floor Plansβœ“βœ“
Market Listings on Popular Websitesβœ“βœ“
Negotiations and Showingsβœ“βœ“

We Get You Your Price With The Right Tools

Professional photography, virtual staging and floor plans
Maximized marketing and reach to targeted buyers via RLS, StreetEasy, Zillow, NY Times, and a dozen more websites
Experienced brokers who lead and manage open houses and private showings
Specialized advice and guidance from start to finish
Expert market analysis, pricing and negotiation

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